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People have been asking for a before & after picture since I got my surgery. The picture on the left was taken in June of last year & the one on the right was taken just yesterday. It’s absolutely amazing how much of a change I have seen in myself just within these past few months & I honestly could not be happier! #weightloss #suchachange#checkmeout #haha #instaglam #instafashion #instafabulous

For the next couple of weeks, this photo will be my profile picture. There are some people who don’t understand why this will be my photo, but others do. There are no words to express how I feel every single time I come across a picture of me & Maggie, tears well up in my eyes. The pain I feel is sometimes overwhelming & people don’t understand what I feel. Now before people jump down my throat & say, “well you aren’t the only one who lost someone that day”, let me explain. Maggie was & always will be part of my family (along with her family always being part of ours too). We grew up together, fought together, picked on each other, but most inportantly, we loved each other like family. Time has seriously flown since you’ve been gone Maggie. I wish we could have seen where you’d be right now in your life, but as we all know, that won’t happen. There are times where I do ask God why He called you to Him so early, but I feel He did for a reason…& whether or not we understand that reason, we grow from it, we learn from it, & we teach from it. I always tell people of the good times that we had together, not the bad. There have been times when I have needed you in my life & have gotten upset because you aren’t around, but then I realize that you are always right beside me; there for me through everything. You will always be my best friend & my family. I miss you & love you so much Maggie πŸ‘Ό πŸ’™

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